Blank canvas for clear thinking

Start drawing!


Clean, uncluttered and minimal design lets you start sketching the ideas right away. No registration, no fees, just an infinite canvas for free-hand drawing, limited only by your imagination. If you ever seen a whiteboard or a blackboard - you already know what to do!


Don't worry, your pages completely belong to you. There is no tracking or analytics. You remain anonymous, there's no accounts, friending or liking. Search engines don't index the pages. You may protect your pages with a password to keep them secret. Also, if you suddenly go offline - you will still be able to view and edit your content.


Since the stone age, drawings proved themselves to be an efficient communication language. You can simply send a page link to your peers and let them make changes in real time, get immediate feedback and always be on the same page.

How to use it?

Draw anywhere. Just draw with your mouse or with a finger on a touch screen.

Type anywhere. Move mouse to start typing in a different position. Long-tap on a touch device for text input prompt.

Use mouse wheel or PgUp/PgDown to scroll. Use Home to zoom back to normal. Use Shift+mouse to drag canvas.On a touch device use two fingers to zoom in/out or to drag.

Hover mouse over a line or a text. Press Delete or Backspace and highlighted elements will be removed. Use Ctrl+Z to undo. On a touch device double click on the element to remove it. You may zoom in to get higher precision.



Start using!




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